Here is how you can return a flag back to Japan.

1)   Print out the form below.

            Please Click Here

2)   Fill in whatever information you can.

3)   Sign it.

4)   Fold the flag, then insert it into a zip-loc type bag.

5)  Place the flag and form into a well-padded envelope or box.

6)   Mail to:   OBON SOCIETY

                     P.O. Box 282

                    Astoria, Oregon 97103

7) You will receive an email when we receive your flag.

8) You will receive an email when we begin the search.

9) You will receive email updates with significant discoveries.

10) You will be notified if and when we find the family.

11) You will be notified when the family receives your flag. 

OBON SOCIETY does all the work at no cost to you, and no cost to the family in Japan.                           

If you have any questions email the OBON SOCIETY staff at

Give us your phone number, a convenient time and day to talk. 

OBON SOCIETY staff will give you a call to answer your concerns.

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OBON SOCIETY is a project of Astoria Visual Arts, Inc., an Oregon nonprofit corporation, tax-exempt under IRC 501(c)3, EIN 93-1010234. Contributions to OBON SOCIETY are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.   Please send Donations to:  OBON SOCIETY  P.O. Box 282 Astoria, OR 97103